Omnipod 5 vs Tandem t:slim x2 | Full Test & Review

Omnipod 5 vs Tandem t:slim x2 | Full Test & Review

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My real life experience with two smart insulin pumps, Omnipod 5 from Insulet and t:slim x2 from Tandem. I review design and features of these insulin pumps in detail and discuss their pros and cons as it relates to day to day diabetes management.

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The key benefits of Omnipod 5 and t:slim x2 are their automated insulin delivery systems - SmartAdjust and Control IQ. I discuss how these algorithms work and my real life experience with looping in detail. This video should help you decide which of these two insulin pumps is better from you.

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Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and my videos are not medical advice. My videos reflect my personal experience. What works for me might not work for others. Please consult your medical professional regarding your diabetes treatment. The content of this video was not discussed nor approved by Insulet or Tandem.

Disclosure: I am NOT compensated for making this video by Insulet and/or Tandem. At the time of making and posting this video, I have not been affiliated with any of these companies.


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Title: Omnipod 5 vs Tandem t:slim x2 | Full Test & Review
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